Sooo... this blogging bussiness

Ohh shiny

So, redesigned my webpage. Or rather, stole (borrowed and tweaked) the design from and implemented it in Jekyll. Jekyll definitely works well, a lot of people are using it nowadays it seems. Its simple and stupid approach in preprocessing a bunch of files to generate plain html is definitely is reassuringly easy to understand. Only thing that slightly annoys me is having to have both python and perl installed if you want to run it locally with source highlighting. Needing two languages just seem a bit unelegant. Hosting it on github is a breeze though, have a look at the source if you wish.


My webpage was mainly a place to have my CV accessible online. Felt like having a blog for a while, mainly as a way of forcing myself to voice things, make them solid. Writing about the backlog of "creative things to do" somewhere where people might read about them might make it all a bit more... official. At least for myself. Also, I love looking at other peoples work, it really inspires me. I figured I should give back what I can by putting things I've done online, good or not. Here is where I put in some sort of joke about being another narcissistic a**hole with a blog, but that would just make that fact all the more obvious.

So what'll be on here?

I'll be posting about various different projects I'm working on like, building a cafe racer motorbike, sculpting, painting and making music. Might even write a bit about what I do for a living, program computer games.

Posted July 31, 2012
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